Scotty's Electrical QLD | Air Conditioner Services – Cleaning
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Scotty’s Electrical QLD offers exceptional quality and affordable air-conditioning services, from annual services to the never been done and everything in between, we can do it all for you!

Benefits of Scotty’s Electrical QLD Air-Conditioning Services:

  • More Energy Efficient = Save up to 30% off Power Bills

*Regularly servicing all your air-conditioning units will save you up to 30% on your power bills as the units are not working as hard to move the air throughout the units, resulting in the unit working less therefore being more energy efficient.

  • Stop Microbial Contamination = Healthy Air for your Family

*Servicing your air-conditioners can stop the unit from becoming infected with microbial contamination (bacteria’s) which become air-borne and spread throughout your home every time the unit is turned on. So having the units cleaned removes not only all dirt but all microbial contaminations from the units resulting in your family breathing clean, safe and fresh air.

  • Extends Unit Life Span

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