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1. Please enter your details:

Please continue answering the questions to receive your customised quote- if you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us or for an over the phone quote call our friendly team on 0414 874 632.

2. Please fill in the below field with the length and width of the room (in meters) where the A/C is to be installed.



W's Unit Size Required
2000 – 2600 2.6KW
2600 - 3500 3.5KW
3500 - 5000 5.0KW
5000 - 7000 7.0KW
7000 - 8000 8.0KW
8000 - 9000 9.0KW

3. Unit Size Required

Please select the correct unit size required using the calculator and table above.

4. Is the installation a new installation or a replacement air conditioner?

5. Is the installation a standard back to back installation?

6. Does the installation require additional pipe?

7. Does the installation require additional electrical cabling?

8. Is the installation a double storey installation?

9. Will the installation require side exit penetration?

10. Does the outdoor unit require a base or wall brackets?

11. Would you like a peak meter fitted to the unit?

12. Who will be sourcing the units?

13. Please select your desired brand of air-conditioner:

Do you have any additional information in-regards to the installation, or any question or queries?

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