Scotty's Electrical QLD | Oven, Cooktop and Range-hood Repairs and Replacements
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Scotty’s Electrical QLD can supply and install ovens, cooktops and range-hoods to suit all your needs from rentals to commercial kitchens. Our company can source the kitchen appliance/s, install the appliance/s and then dispose of the old appliance/s; leaving your property clean and with no extra work to be done. We can also organise extra trades such as cabinetry or painting (if required) to ensure all appliances look great!

Our skilled team of tradesmen can also attend to your property to repair your cooktop, oven or range-hood as required. We understand that these appliances are an important everyday item and that is why we prioritise any maintenance involving them. If the appliance/s cannot be repaired or it is more economical to replace, we contact the necessary authority with a quote to ensure the issue is rectified as soon as possible.

We understand that all households are different and that is why we will explore all available options within your price range, desired brand and style range. To organise a tradesman to investigate your appliance/s please contact us via email ( or via phone (0414 874 632) to arrange an appointment.



Westinghouse WVE613S
60cm Stainless steel Oven

WestingHouse WHC642BA
60cm Ceramic Cooktop

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